Jet Boating in Haast


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Day 1: Arrival and Exploration

Morning: Arrival in Haast Arrive early in Haast to maximize your adventure time. This small, serene town is accessible by road, and the drive itself showcases breathtaking views of New Zealand’s landscapes. Upon arrival, check into the Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki, a luxury eco-lodge that offers comfort nestled within nature.

Afternoon: First Jet Boating Adventure Kick off your adventure with Waiatoto River Safari, one of the top jet boating providers in Haast. Their unique ocean to Alps tour will take you from the Tasman Sea up the Waiatoto River, showcasing ancient forests and towering mountains. The skilled guides not only navigate the thrilling waters but also share insights about the area’s unique ecology and history.

Evening: Dinner at The Cray Pot After an exhilarating ride, head to The Cray Pot in Jackson Bay for a casual dinner. This quirky, colorful restaurant offers fresh seafood right off the coast, with their crayfish being a must-try. Enjoy your meal with views of the ocean as the sun sets.

Day 2: Remote Rivers and Rainforest

Morning: Haast River Safari On your second day, explore another facet of Haast’s waters with Haast River Safari. This excursion offers a jet boat experience along the Haast River through the Haast River Valley. It’s less about speed and more about soaking in the stunning views of Te Wahipounamu World Heritage area, making stops at points of interest for photo opportunities and wildlife sightings.

Afternoon: Hiking and Sightseeing After your morning on the water, spend the afternoon hiking one of the many trails in the area. The Haast Pass offers several walking tracks that range from short strolls to challenging hikes, including the Blue Pools Track. This easy walk leads to clear blue pools naturally carved into rocks, a serene place to relax and take in the pure New Zealand air.

Evening: Dinner at The Hard Antler Dine at The Hard Antler Bar and Restaurant back in Haast. This local favorite serves hearty meals with a Kiwi twist. Their venison dishes, sourced locally, are a highlight and pair well with a selection of New Zealand wines and beers.

Day 3: Lake Adventures and Departure

Morning: Lake Moeraki Wilderness Experience For your final day, take a slightly different water adventure with a jet boat tour on Lake Moeraki, provided by your lodge. This tour is a mix of high-speed thrills and natural discovery, with chances to see rare native birds and historical sites along the shore.

Afternoon: Leisure and Lunch Enjoy some leisure time at the Wilderness Lodge Lake Moeraki. Participate in one of their guided nature walks or kayak on the lake at your own pace. For lunch, savor a picnic prepared by the lodge, ideally enjoyed by the lakeside, soaking up the tranquil surroundings.

Evening: Departure Conclude your three-day jet boating adventure in Haast by checking out of your lodge and beginning your journey back. If time allows, stop at one of the local artisan shops for souvenirs like handmade possum and merino knitwear.

Top Tips for Your Trip

  • Booking in Advance: Ensure to book your jet boat tours and accommodations well in advance, as these can fill up quickly, especially during peak seasons.
  • Safety First: Jet boating is thrilling but comes with its risks. Always listen to your guide and wear provided safety gear.
  • Weather Awareness: Weather in Haast can be unpredictable. Pack layers and be prepared for changes that could alter your itinerary.