Season 2


Vancouver’s Chinatown, British Columbia

by Susie Lee

New Town Bakery

New Town Bakery is a very popular eatery in Chinatown. During meal times, this place is constantly packed with hungry customers either eating in or taking out. This place is famous for its mouth watering apple tarts. This bakery assumed the recipe of these delicious apple tarts from a Chinese railroad worker in the late 19th century. It’s hard to imagine, but New Town Bakery sells close to 1000 of these apple tarts a day.

These apple tarts taste like a piece of heaven; the crust is flaky and light while the filling is warm and perfectly sweet. These tarts are best eaten when they are just out of the bakery oven. I have become a regular customer here since the filming of this segment for West Coast Adventures. This apple tart has now become one of my favorite desserts.

New Town is also famous for its assortment of tasty steam buns, often referred to as Chinese hamburgers. I had an opportunity to try the steam bun called “Bola Bola”. It is a steam bun filled with pork, chicken, meat and a duck egg. This one bun is a meal in itself. Some of the other tasty assortments include, barbeque pork, chicken ball, and vegetable filling. You’ll have to try them all to see which one you’ll like the best.



New Town Bakery & Restaurant

158 E. Pender Street (Main Branch)
Vancouver, BC, V6A 1T3
(604) 681-1828

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