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Vancouver’s Chinatown, British Columbia

by Susie Lee

Floata Restaurant Dim Sum

No visit to Vancouver’s Chinatown would be complete without dining at one of the many authentic Chinese restaurants in this area. For my Dim Sum lunch, my guide Robert took me to Floata Seafood Restaurant. With seating for over 1000 guests, it is Canada’s largest Chinese restaurant. Floata is also an extremely popular restaurant for wedding banquets.

This was a true culinary experience as I enjoyed many traditional dim sum dishes with my guide, Robert. He told me that the meaning of “Dim Sum” is “to touch the heart.” It was really interesting to discover the many symbolic meanings of what I was eating. For instance, dumplings represent parcels of gold which are symbols of prosperity in Confucius ideology. Other symbolic meanings include, noodles representing longevity and rice symbolizing fertility.

Floata Restaurant Dim Sum

Some of the Dim Sum dishes I tried and would recommend include, the Ha Gao (shrimp balls wrapped in rice skin), Sho Mai (pork dumpling), pork spare ribs, rice noodles, sticky rice (filled with mushrooms, sausage, egg and pork), sesame balls (filled with sweet red bean paste). If you’re feeling adventurous, be sure to try the chicken feet. It’s actually very tender and tasty if you can get over the fact that you are eating a chicken’s foot. I did it was yummy!



Floata Seafood Restaurant

400-180 Keefer Street
Vancouver, B.C.
Tel. 604-602-0368

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