Season 2


Fraser Canyonl, British Columbia

by Susie Lee

The best part of my adventure was reuniting with Yves Bisson of the BC Sport Fishing Group. He was my fishing guide on my first ever fishing trip in Season 1 of West Coast Adventures. I love being around Yves because he is patient and has a great sense of humor. He knows the waters really well and has extensive knowledge and experience on all types of fishing in variousl types of waters. I stepped on board his new 23-foot Wooldridge jet boat which was sleek, fast and comfortable.

In this adventure, I was going to fish for the world’s largest freshwater sport fish right on the Fraser River: the white sturgeon. It’s average size and weight far outweighs me, so I knew I was up for a challenging workout. I was hoping the second time around would be easier. The sturgeon is wild and mighty just like the Fraser River it lives in.

We anchored right in waters in the Fraser Canyon between Hope and Yale. Usually the sturgeons will be found feeding at the bottom of where the faster water meets the slower moving water. We placed the bait (salmon egges) into nylon stockings and casted the line into the water. With fishing, it is hard to predict when the fish are going to bite, so the waiting time can unpredictable. But surprisingly for me, I had a bite within the first half hour of our trip. You won’t miss it when a sturgeon bites as you will see and feel a hard tug on the line. I placed my rod belt around my waist and started to reel the sturgeon towards the boat. It was a great spot as we caught another one right after that.

It was obvious that these fighters are willing biters because I caught 5 sturgeons within a 2-hour time frame of being out on the water. I would say I averaged reeling in 1 sturgeon every 15-20 minutes. It was especially hard work for Yves as he bent over the side of the boat and lifted up the sturgeons, weighing between 82-116 pounds. That took a lot strength and stamina! Because of the “catch and release” program in British Columbia, there is a healthy population of white sturgeons in the Fraser River.


I would have to say that the sturgeon is the mother of all sport fish. They are enormous in size, so the fight is harder, longer and much more rewarding at the end. .I was literally fighting with the fish. Even though I didn’t get to take home a catch, I definitely had a great time putting my skills and strength to the test. Thanks Yves and the BC Sport Fishing Group for another great sturgeon fishing adventure!



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